About us

Catalogues Shoppers is a product and service promoted by FIT Insights Limited as an online platform that give SMEs/ or individuals start ups and enterprises an opportunity to have visibility online by creating a shop that can be used for selling and trading of physical products.

Unlike the other online platforms, Catalogue Shoppers allows the shop owner to have a individualized and self managed check out. Each of the shops has a free e-cash collection account. The shop owners can be paid via mobile (MTN or AIRTEL ) or can get paid via VISA or MASTERCARD

Shop owners need to have shop policy that create the principle at which you can interact with your client. In the shop policy; you can include delivery terms , payment expectation and return policies.

To the shoppers, Catalogue is a online market place allowing you to browse or window shop at the comfort of your desk or mobile phone from anywhere; Buy or Sell products and service