Setup Your Online Shop

Owning a Shop online is now a requirement not a fashion. You need an online address. Extend you showroom or display window to more people and increase the channels of making sales. Deposit 50% of UGX 170,000 Book your Shop for a year. Pay the Balance of 50 % Later.

Get Paid Online

With Catalogue Shoppers, the Shop owner is in control of the cash. Collect payment before delivery and receive payment online while maintaining social distancing; electronic cash supports personal cash accumulation, traceability and financial discipline. Register for a free mobile money collection service via your phone at no cost. Download “Infotrade Maalicard app”Read More

Deliver to Your Clients

No cost for physical Shop; move your goods from the store or garage to the client’s doorsteps. Use the Boda Boda network to deliver or your car. Build a client network with a face to face delivery service. Be available & Reliable 24/7. Keep the Promise as per your shop policy.

Featured Shops

  • We  have to be relevant and present in the current online market; Catalogue gives the independence and ownership we desire to run and manage our shop.

    Jim , Shop Owner
  • We are now living in a new era, WhatsApp’s, internet and mobile phones,  my son has introduced me to a new life of Catalogue shoppers, i love it…

    Kasule Stephen, Client
  • Homemade Cookies and bites from my online shop. As a start up, this is a great opportunity me to get visibility for my products. It is affordable a paid rent for a year…

    Sharon, Shop Owner

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