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* You can easily upgrade your subscription to any other subscription package you desire by simply purchasing a Subscription Activation Code from our stall or any of our affiliate vendors and resellers [near you]. For any inquiries or issues concerning signing up or subscriptions, e-mail the subscriptions team or call us

HOW CS Works?

ONLY SWEET DEALS & DISCOUNTS! How to claim the sweet deals on CS as a consumer

  1. Visit catalogueshoppers.com and find a deal you like.
  2. Browse to the Shop with the deal, & place your order (book/buy or book/hire ).
  3. You'll recieve a message via Email and or SMS, that message contains your Claim Token.
  4. Go to the Premises of the Business you ordered from and present your Claim Token to them.
  5. Grab your deal & Pay at the Discounted Price, once your Claim Token is validated.

MORE AWESOMNESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS! How to leverage CS as a business owner

  1. Visit catalogueshoppers.com and identify a subscription you like (Click "Subscriptions" in the footer)
  2. Start with the FREE, AIR & ROCK subscription - all you need is to sign-up for an account.
  3. During Sign-Up, you are free to fill in as much detail as you wish about you and your business(es)
  4. If you WISH to have any of your products (products) or services showcased as well, THEY MUST HAVE A DISCOUNT TO OFFER!
  5. Depending on your subscription, once signed in, you can define Shop Staff accounts - so you can assign roles (managing talk channels, updating stall info, managing orders, hires, etc) to various people in your firm
  6. CS products you a whole range of features tailored for businesses that wish to automate their workflows, operate in real-time online, keep in touch with their customers, beat the competition and evolve with key players in their target markets.
  7. To learn how to best leverage this platform, we offer FREE training, give live support via our Talk Channel right here on CS and welcome any feedback from you 24/7!
  8. One thing is for sure - Once you Start using CS, you'll be shocked why you'd never heard anything like it before!


CS by CS Core Team

  • We are delighted in making cutting-edge technology work for you and your business.
  • We are here to do what others have feared or refused to do for you.
  • CS is
    • The PRESENT & FUTURE of your local and global REAL & VIRTUAL marketplace.
    • Built upon Solid In-house & OpenSource technology, with an elite team of engineers with local and global experience.
    • Not just making a promise, at CS, we are taking e-commerce to a whole new level

Relax! Let technology do the work for you

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