Become A Vendor

Yes, You can own a Shop Online; Create your Online Store Today with Digital Cash Collection Service.

Open and operate an online store, monitor your sales, and track cash in:  Only pay monthly rental fees.

Vendor Support Program

Catalogue platform shall provide services to Customer online shopping stock for (“Shop Owners”) for placement of Customer Product (“Product”) for online and/or physical presence on social media marketing platforms, marketing and sales of the company. Company shall use its experience, process and connections to put Product in front of the potential consumers /decision makers for them to make consideration and buy via the portal. The details of the actual services provided by Company are outlined in the Plan chosen by the Customer when accessing this Services Agreement.  We shall market your shop. Get the Best Pictures.

Our Service is unique in a way that you (our customer) are in control of your sales, market- product description, payment collection and distribute and last mile delivery to their client’s satisfaction.  

Enabled Stock Management Optional

We enable stock Management function on your account so that you can flow and track you ins and outs from the online and physical stock.

Customer Loyalty Key to your Success

We Enable Your Client feedback from customer directly and reply questions on the fly. 

This allows you to build loyalty with your clients. Remain in touch and also build a rapport around your business.

Digital Marketing

We are specialised in online marketing, we shall market your shop via all social media, make some noise for you to make money.  

All we need is you to be best and demanding 

Use Your Devices for Good Cash out from internet

If you have a smartphone,  upload products, make offers  over the weekend,  surprise your client. Share the shop line on your social media channel to enhance your visibility.

Our Onboarding Packages

The Service offered by Catalogue is  “Online Shop Rentals”  with training the individuals can manager their shop with ICT support. It is easy.  You can pay for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  The more months you pay you save in rental fees.  For Quality Purposes we advise the client to subscribe or ask initial support in “setup”,  “photo Services” and Story telling or the description of the products and services.  This is a one of cost that is paid to IT support Officer who will also double in a your mentor and trainer for the first three months. 

We promise to Market Your shop, when it fully operational, you need to keep the promise of delivery and maintaining your quality of goods and services offered.


210,000 UGX  per  Quarter

Bi Annual Save 216,000/-

312,000 UGX  for Half Year

Annually Save - 252,000/-

588,000 UGX  per Year

Shop Set Up Optional Service

55,000 UGX   

Photography Optional Service

70,000 UGX  

Storytelling Optional Service

150,000 UGX  per writeup

Being a Shop Owner is Easy and Fast You can also call for support

To register you shop,  follow the prompts, some from will call to provide some support, and also guide on uploading of the products. You will need to have a cash collection account with Maalicard- this digital company that supports our cash collection, payments and  tracks all payments.  Their set up fee registered companies has been discount to 150,000 /= for paid up shop owners.

1.Register for Vendor online, Provide KYC required

2.Will get a Call from Customer care to support your enrollment, Stocking of your shop.

3.Get Merchant Code with Maalipay; this can be used online and also in your physical shop.

4. Make Payment for the Service so that the shop is enabled

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